“When you walk on the earth after flying, you will look at the sky because you have been there and you will want to return.”



The new Air Italy AIRSLIM engine guard is made of aluminum with an articulation in the engine mount that allows it to be folded back on itself, reducing the overall dimensions.


Made of aluminum with a beautiful black and orange lacquered design. This engine guard comes with magnificent finishes and many details, adjustable arms, anti-torque correction in the arms and in the upper saddle hook


The Air Italy AirGio Double Circle frame is made of aeronautical aluminum with a beautiful white and orange lacquered design.

This Paramotor comes with magnificent finishes and many advantages such as:

the adjustable arms with anti-torque correction
the Apco Slt Mk II saddle connected to the frame so that the torque is not perceptible even in the take-off phase
the quick propeller mounting system.


This trike is the easiest to assemble and disassemble on the market, with just a movement on three pins you will have it ready, without the need to force yourself to put the engine guard on it thanks to a quick coupling / release system, it has a weight of 11kg with standard wheels, with thin wheels weighs 9kg.