EPG-21 Electric Paramotor

Airitaly presents EPG-21

the electric paramotor according to Airitaly

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The new Air Italy EPG-21 Electric Paramotor uses a brushless motor that guarantees great performance, reduced maintenance, greater reliability than traditional motors and is more compact for the same power.

The revolutionary electric motor of our EPG-21 paramotor is able to generate, with its 130 cm Tribal E-Prop propeller, a good 86 KG of static thrust with reduced inertia and high dynamic performance.

The EPG-21 also has the characteristics of the best chassis, with adjustable and tilting lower arms and anti-torque correction.

Thanks to powerful batteries, the weak point of electric motors is finally overcome.

The 3.2 kW/h battery, rechargeable in 2 hours and weighing 17 kg, guarantees 50 minutes of autonomy.

The 5.0 Kw/h battery brings the autonomy to 80 minutes of flight, with a weight of only 22 Kg  and recharging in 3h


Voltage: 100 volts

Amperage: 210A

Efficiency: 87%

Anticorrosive stator

Independent cooling system with centrifugal ventilation.

IP67 protection against rain and dust.

IP67 wireless controllers

Engine weight 4.17Kg

Supplied with APCO harness.