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The low tilting arms are the most popular and appreciated ones. Using low tilting arms allows a pilot an active flight who can act on the wing with weight shifts in addition to the controls and ensure a more direct feeling of the wing. Some pilots prefer high connections to have a better feeling of comfort and stability, while renouncing the advantages of the tiltings.

In order to fly, is mandatory acquiring the VDS flight certificate which in Italy is issued by the AeCI, following a course of paramotor, a written exam and a practical test.

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The whole range of AirItaly frames is easy to disassemble or fold in just a few minutes.

Airitaly frames have breakpoints in the splints, called “fuses” easily replaceable in case of damage and that allow on many occasions the temporary restoration of the paramotor in a few minutes. The reduced section of the rim allows, in case of minor damage, a total restoration and in any case each element of the modular frame is replaceable.

Our frames are made of aeronautical aluminum with hardening heat treatment. We analyzed the breakpoints of the frame in order to ensure the highest safety of the pilot in the event of impact.

The choice of the engine depends on multiple factors including weight, flying style and wing.

An engine with a push range of 70/80 kilograms covers the need of most pilots.

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If you’re a beginner, we recommend that you get advice from your instructor. It’s essential that the features of the wings meet your specifical needs and that’s a process that requires support which we are willing to offer you. Contact us.

During the AeCI course they teach you where and how you can fly with your paramotor, which is considered to be a basic sports recreational vehicle. Like any basic VDS the paramotor can fly in Italy and abroad, outside the airports’ areas of interest and out of the clouds at a minimum altitude of 150 meters (500 ft) and a maximum of 300 meters (1000 ft), calculated from the highest obstacle present within five kilometers from the point where you are flying (obviously except during the take-off and landing phases), you cannot fly over the population centers or over the gatherings of people. With the owner’s permission you can also land and take off from any suitable space.


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